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On the Phone

For Teens

9th Grade - 12th Grade


Online Reputation and Digital Footprint

We cover the impact of online actions on reputation, emphasizing the long-term effects of current decisions and the importance of a positive digital presence.


Digital Health and Well-being

We explore the impact of digital devices on mood, behavior, and relationships, emphasizing the need for screen-time breaks for mental and physical health.


Social Media and Privacy Risks

We focus on the challenges of documenting life on social media, including the risks involved, the effectiveness of privacy settings, and the broader consequences of extensive device and platform usage.


Risks and Opportunities in Social Media

We discuss the influence social media can have on employment and college admissions, the issues of sexting and pornography, and the importance of fostering healthy relationships in the digital age.


We believe in the crucial importance of these conversations for young people. Our mission is to make sure every school has the opportunity to empower their community and integrate these tools in their educational framework . That's why I’ve carefully designed our pricing model to be accessible and affordable for all.

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Kristen McGarvey delivered a compelling, powerful message to our students.  She covered the positive and negative elements of social media.  She challenged the students to introspectively look at their own digital footprint and how it can sometimes create an inherent cultural bias or perspective.  Through her enthusiasm and energy, Kristen really engaged our students throughout the presentation.  

Dennis Stanton - Athletic Director

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