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For Kids

Kindergarten - 4th Grade


Foundational Understanding of the Internet

Tailored to different age groups, my conversations aim to foster a basic understanding of the internet and its purposes, especially for younger audiences.


Safe Online Practices and Digital Citizenship

I guide children in identifying safe websites and apps, and discuss the benefits and risks of online communication.  We talk about what it means to be a good digital citizen and the importance of being kind.  I offer strategies for dealing with unkind behavior.


Screen Time Balance

I talk about finding the right balance between screen time and other activities so we can be our best selves. I explain how to build a positive relationship with technology and promote healthy habits for life.


Encouraging Critical Thinking and Self Reflection

I emphasize an approach that doesn't feel like a lecture, and encourages critical thinking among children.  We end with a Q&A session that invites thoughtful questions from the audience.


We believe in the crucial importance of these conversations for young people. Our mission is to make sure every school has the opportunity to empower their community and integrate these tools in their educational framework . That's why I’ve carefully designed our pricing model to be accessible and affordable for all.

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Kristen McGarvey brought a fresh take on Social Media for the students.  She spoke to them about relevant and interesting topics and concerns as well as provided them with steps to take when they experience difficult or alarming situations online. 

Becca O'Donnell - Physical Education Teacher

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