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For Parents

Including Teachers, Coaches, Staff


Technology Trends and Safety Concerns

We cover discussions on the latest technology trends, including popular apps, social networking, gaming, and if appropriate for the group, address serious issues such as sexting. We also dive into the reality of social media age restrictions, the significance of correct  privacy and locations settings and more.


Digital Health and Role Modeling

We explore the concept of digital health, and explain how constant digital exposure effects our childrens mental health. It brings to light the common struggle among families in balancing life with technology and how parents can lead by example in managing this balance.


Parent-Child Communication and Online Experience

Here, the focus is on advocating for meaningful conversations between parents and children. The aim is to foster positive online experiences through these discussions, emphasizing the need for practical restrictions and rules to ensure safe internet usage.


Smartphone Ownership and Family Choices

We dive into the average age at which children receive smartphones, considers possible alternatives to early smartphone ownership, and addresses how families can manage differing choices regarding technology use among their social circles. The segment concludes with a Q&A portion, offering personalized advice on these and other related issues.


We believe in the crucial importance of these conversations for young people. Our mission is to make sure every school has the opportunity to empower their community and integrate these tools in their educational framework . That's why I’ve carefully designed our pricing model to be accessible and affordable for all.

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In conversations with students she welcomes their input and questions which really gets conversations moving forward. Students are sharing and then given advice for responsible usage and planning. Students are given suggestions for safely using their devices and talking online or in gaming.

Karen Tomasetti, M Ed. - Principal

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