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For Tweens

5th - 8th Grade


Social Media Usage Strategies

We cover the approach towards social media, focusing on behaviors that range from positive to negative. It emphasizes critical thinking and effective strategies for using social media to one's advantage, rather than just lecturing on what to do.


Online Conduct and Digital Footprints

The focus here is on the importance of posting content responsibly, with an awareness of the long-term effects and the concept that online actions can leave a permanent online identity.


Privacy and Information Security

We explores privacy settings on social media and questions the true privacy of user information. It introduces the concept of "technology tattoos," highlighting the lasting impact and permanence of online posts.


Complex Social Issues on Digital Platforms

This category delves into the nuances of online interactions, including the differences between conflict and cyberbullying, sexting, and associated issues such as healthy relationships, peer pressure, trust violations, oversharing, and the importance of setting personal boundaries.


We believe in the crucial importance of these conversations for young people. Our mission is to make sure every school has the opportunity to empower their community and integrate these tools in their educational framework . That's why I’ve carefully designed our pricing model to be accessible and affordable for all.

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Kristen McGarvey brought a fresh take on Social Media for the students.  She spoke to them about relevant and interesting topics and concerns as well as provided them with steps to take when they experience difficult or alarming situations online. 

Becca O'Donnell - Physical Education Teacher

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