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So You Got Your Kid a Smart Phone, Now What?!

This course will lead the conversation in setting boundaries around your childs device through communicating with your child. In the end you will have created a clear outline of boundaries that will help you manage your childs digital usage.

Course Details

If you purchased a Smart Phone for your child, this course will play a crucial role in facilitating conversations between parents and their children to establish boundaries regarding digital use and social media. Its main objectives include:


This course encourages open and constructive dialogues between parents and their children. It provides parents with talking points and specifics to effectively communicate with their kids about their digital activities and the use of social media.

Setting Boundaries

The course helps parents define and implement clear boundaries for digital device usage and social media engagement.

Understanding the Digital World

Parents are educated on the digital landscape, helping them grasp the challenges and opportunities their children face online. This understanding enables them to set relevant and informed boundaries.

Responsible Social Media Use

The course equips parents with the knowledge to teach their children about responsible social media use. It emphasizes the importance of privacy, respect, and ethical behavior in the digital realm.

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